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1, Nov 10, 2012

The making of a genius… Part IV

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Fast-tracking talent from one of the articles:
(1) Abilities matter. They are malleable, however, and need to be cultivated.

(2) Society needs to provide opportunities for intellectual enrichment to all students to ferret our hidden talents.

(3) Psychological strengthens such as persistence, social skills and strategic risk taking are determining factors in the successful development of talent.

To achieve greatness in many realms requires extraordinary creativity, grit, passion, and social skills. Creativity, the ability to come up with novel, useful and elegant ideas or ways of doing things, has a long historical association with giftedness. …at the essence are mental processes such as metaphorical thinking, tolerance for complexity, and flexibility in problem solving.

We read so many times words like motivation, persistence, hard work, strong will and efforts. The trick is how to get a person motivated and move on at high speed toward a set goal without any supervision. Where does this motivation come from?


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