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1, Nov 9, 2012

The making of a genius… Part III

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Again on the relationship between genius and motivation.

“Giftedness has long been associated with high levels of intrinsic motivation–that is, engaging in a task for the sake of learning. They enjoy extrinsic factors like trophies, scholarships and other forms of recognitions.

“High achievers may have exceptional task commitment, meaning they are willing to engage in study and practice that, though not necessarily enjoyable, is instrumental to improvement.

One again, one author mentions the importance of devoting hours of hard practice. Research has shown it takes about 10,000 hours of guided study or practice to reach levels of expertise in most domains. In other words, there is no other tricks but only hard work.

Another author laments that Americans do not denote as much value to learning as to sports. “There are cheer leaders for athlectic greatness but seldom for academic achievement.”

On the other hand, becoming Olympic champion requires much more than just athletic prowess. To succeed in any field, people need the strong will power to focus, mental toughness, drive, optimism and emotional control.

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