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1, Nov 8, 2012

The making of a genius… Part II

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In an article inside this issue of Scientific American Mind— “So you want to be a genius?” the author, Daisy Yuhas emphasizes a person’s motivation in his/her success. He argues that when it comes to cultivating genius, talent matters but motivation may matter more.

Without it, the long, difficult hours of practice that elevate some people above the rest of us are excruciating. But where does such stamina come from, and can we have some, too? Psychologists have identified three critical elements that support motivation, all of which you can tweak to your benefit.

(1) Autonomy–you gain motivation when you feel in charge
(2) Values–motivation also blossoms when you stay true to your beliefs and values
(3) Competence–as you devote more time to an activity, you notice your skills improve, and you gain a sense of competence.

To be continued…

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