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1, Nov 7, 2012

The making of a genius… don’t we already know that?

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During the weekend of 10/27 and 28, I went to Barne & Noble’s bookstore to buy a book for my daughter. There I stayed for some times to read Scientific American Mind magazine, Nov 2012 issue.

As you can see from its cover, this issue is dedicated to the topic of genius, the making and predicting of a genius. Many studies either repeat or confirm what we already know, that is genius is 1 percent inspiration plus 99 percent perspiration.

“Many researcher have argued that exceptional achievement can be boiled down simply to hard work — about 10,000 hours of it. Studies of eminent scientists in the 1950s supported this view by underscoring the individual’s capacity for endurance, concentration and commitment to effortful practice.”
To be continued…

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