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1, Nov 6, 2012

The end of presidential campaign and the start of a new fight

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Today marks the end of 2012 election, and trust me it also marks the beginning of a new battle. Just as the inauguration of President Obama’s first term saw the secret gathering of the powerful republican figures, vowing to throw the new president out of White House at any cost — blocking all his efforts, disabling his administration, etc.

I am sure the same thing will happen again. I sincerely hope it is the same group of republicans, except President Obama will leave the White House by 2016 on his own term.

A president can make a huge difference not only in this country but also globally. Imagine if Al Gore were the president instead of George W. Bush. The whole planet would have benefited if we had an environmental friendly president like Al Gore.

Then again, in the end, a president will be chosen by the democratic process. Mother Nature has no say in this process.

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