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1, Nov 28, 2012

Competition and survival of the fittest in life, business, organization and all

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During this holiday season, we see how local retail stores like bestbuy, Walmart, Microcenter, etc adapt, evolve, and compete in the ever thriving e-commerce culture.

All these retailed stores have their online stores and have local store pickup option if customers place an order online. Many of them have price matching and deal guarantee policy. Some even have same-day delivery policy, with a little bit of extra cost.

All these new policies serve to provide the benefits of the low price of e-commerce and the convenience of local stores, resulting in positioning them well in the competition with Amazon and other online only stores. Without constantly adjusting their policies accordingly, they might lose customers and go out of business.

A business and a national party are very much like an organism. In the face of heated competitions for survival, they have no choice but to adapt, change and evolve. This often reminds me of people who survive well in time of economic downturn.

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