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1, Nov 1, 2012

Saving for my daughter’s college expenses

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I know some Chinese parents have to buy meals from restaurants everyday for their children because the children don’t eat Chinese food. I have told myself not to make this kind of exception for my children, though I often fail to keep my promise.

I have told my daughter that we try not to eat outside when we can cook at home. Because home-made meal is always economic and more healthy than most of American fast food. Normally we don’t go from home to a fast food restaurant. She knows that we are trying to save for her college expenses, which can potentially run up to $50K per year.

The day before yesterday, I took her to the Central library to check out some books for her school work. On the way there, she ate two mid-size apples and asked to stop at a McDonald’s nearby the library. She had two-third of a big mushroom, cheese burger from McDonald’s.

After 15 minutes in the library, she wanted to buy a snack from the vending machine, claiming she was hungry, which I did not believe. But she insisted she was hungry. I said we would have dinner at home and we would be back soon. But if she so insisted, I said I would buy this snack on the condition that she promised not to eat outside for a week. I tried to stop her tendency of asking to eat outside. This she did promised.

But on the way back home, she asked to buy a bubble tea at a Korean cafe. When I reminded her of her promise, she said “Oh yea, I forgot.”

Yesterday, when she went to Crispy Creme to apply for a job there, she asked if she could get a doughnut. There I reminded her again.

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