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1, Nov 12, 2012

It takes a huge amount of work to build a swimming pool

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On 11/10/2012, Saturday morning, I went to a science seminar with my daughter at Union Station. The topic is on the process of building acquatics, that is, swimming pool. After that, I asked my daughter what she learned from it. She said nothing as she thought the topic is boring.

The lecturer, Kyle Cawley, first gave a rather broad stroke of the process of pool building. It consists of four phases:
1) Planning
2) Funding
3) Design
4) Construction

Next, he went through each phase in great details. He talked about design parameters: concept development, project schedule metric, construction budget and operation budget.

The design involves engineering design, civil layout, design code and regulations on health, mechanical design, pipelines and in and out pump system. With some all-year-round open outdoor pool, there is heating and cooling system. Of course, he presented some complicated design blue print.

The last phase– construction involves bidding, equipment review, testing, observation, and payment. He also talked about the construction materials like cement and steel.

I think the lecture is rather interesting. I have learned that it actually takes a huge amount of work before the actual construction of a seemingly simple swimming pool.

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