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1, Nov 17, 2012

If you want people to take you seriously, don’t have too many oversights

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On  11/5/2012, one colleague of mine forwarded to me an email from a monitor regarding one of our studies, which itself is an annoying thing. On the email subject, he refers to one subject at our clinic while in the body of his email, he talks about a different subject not even located in our clinics. I wrote back to him asking him to clear up which subject he is talking about.

I said “By the way, our site number is 041. Appreciate it if you get the site correct before sending it.” I knew I was not being nice when I wrote this but I was pretty upset when some monitors throw upon us data discrepancies with their own glaring discrepancies in the email.

He returned with this “My apologies.  I was copying and pasting since I have several sites that needed SAE follow up.  Please forgive this oversight. It is subject …” I was going to ignore him without further wasting time on him.

But being a busy person as I am,  I sent him this “BTW, if you want people to take your email seriously and get back to you, it is better not to mess it up with this kind of oversight.” I know most people simply trash his email without even a look at the content. And of course, I will not forget to share this with my daughter.

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