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1, Nov 3, 2012

How game addiction develops

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My son gave me his kindle reader last time he came back. I connected to Amazon, did some search in its kindle store, got some free books and a chess game.

At first I played against Kindle at level one just to challenge myself. Pretty soon, I beat Kindle at this level and moved to level two. At this level, I won some games and lost others.

Each time I lost the game, I told myself I would be careful next time and would win the game and then I would quit, as I have realized it cost a huge chunk of time and I had better things to do than fighting Kindle chess.

But that quit seldom happens like I plan. And one game leads to another, so goes the time, an hour and two. When I examine the whole process and the actual goings-on in my mind, I realize this is how addiction develops and takes root. And that is how hours slip away.

One has to watch out as it is so easy to develop addiction.

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