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1, Nov 13, 2012

Discipline at work and at school

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On 10/25, a Thursday morning, I twisted my back by accident. The damage to my back lasted for several weeks. At first it was hard to bear the pain. A few days seemed to have taken the edge off its initial attack.

All the time I have not taken a day off, as I want to save my vacation days for the time when my son comes back or when my daughter needs me to or when I go back to China.

On 11/2, a Friday morning, after I reached my office, my daughter called, saying she had a headache and did not want to go to school in the morning. I knew she had a party that Friday evening.

“If you cannot go to school, you cannot go to the party in the evening, too,” I said. She protested strongly. In the end, she had what she wanted: excuse from school in the morning, yes for the party that day. I asked her to write down what happened that day, as I am more worried about her college years.

On the morning of 11/8, my daughter said she was not feeling well with her stomach and wanted to stay home. I told her to go to school and I would get her back if she could not get through the day. She did what I said and everything turned out well that day.

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