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1, Nov 22, 2012

A special message for this Thanksgiving day!

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Continued from yesterday… This is the translation of yesterday’s posting on┬áMatsubara Yasumichi’s spiritual aspect in healthcare, of which he created three do-not rules.

(1) Do not force yourself. Don’t overreach yourself or bite off more than you can chew or do unconventional thing.
(2) Do not waste, which means value time and everything around you, appreciate other people’s kindness.
(3) Do not be lazy. Try to do it yourself instead of letting others to do it for you. No matter how old you are, be enthusiastic about learning.

Never mind about his self-contradictions. I like the second rule best, for it opens my eyes to something that I once failed to see. That is, I used to consider not wasting as mainly not wasting time and money, when in fact not wasting means a lot broader than this.

Only when we go about our daily life with a grateful attitude can we truly count our blessing and appreciate everything we enjoy daily — our health, friendship, good relations, days when our children are with us, what others have done for us, or even the sunny days, etc.

This is my special message for this Thanksgiving day!

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