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1, Nov 29, 2012

A good habit makes a big difference in a decade

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The day before Thanksgiving a friend of mine emailed me this writing. I thought it rather thought provoking and a bit shocking. I shared the story with both of my children and my sister’s son in Houston. Of course, I have to tell the story to my children as their Chinese is not up to the task.

The article tells the transformation and life experience of three persons. In the beginning, the three of them are not that far apart. In a matter of a decade, the gap among them has glaringly widened. The article is rather long. I like the above part.

Some students think school grades are not that important. But they fail to realize that seeking excellence in whatever they do is a habit. Being lazy, making least efforts, coasting away each day is also a habit. The effect of this habit compounds daily.

It is like two persons starting at the same point and heading two opposite directions. Time will wide the distance. And eventually the day will come when you see this distance and realize it is this daily habit that creates the vast distance among people. Of course, when people look back, they will be amazed to realize that they were so close at the beginning. The tragic part is they cannot turn back clock and relive the lost youth.

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