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1, Oct 30, 2012

Tyler Perry on his motivation, his mother and his father, part II

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Tyler Perry’s father was so abusive that Tyler once went so far as to consider suicide as a way to free himself from his abuse. Because of this experience, he hated his father all his life until he was in his 30s when he “started on the path of letting go.” Because he realized that “If you’re holding on to the anger and the pain of what someone has done to you, you are not hurting them at all, you are hurting yourself.”

“… the anger was the fuel, but what happens – and this is why a lot of people don’t want to let go of the anger… And once I forgave him, I was no longer angry. So I lost the motivation, and I lost the fuel.”

When Terry Gross asked “So, what’s it like for you to take care of him [his father] after he was so cruel to you?”

Tyler Perry said, “… first of all, I believe you honor your father and your mother, period, no matter what, no matter who they were, no matter what they did; …”

The money is an easy partWhat he doesn’t have with me, which I think is worth way more than money, is a relationship – a father-son relationship.”

Indeed, it is one thing that a child fulfills his filial duty to the aging parents; it is another when they have this genuine parent-child relationship — with open communications, loving care and respect for each other. No money can buy this parent-child relationship.

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