The truly unselfish love in one’s life

Not long ago, I learned that my sister’s son was going to buy an ipad for his girlfriend using his hard-earned delivery money, his first paid job. I thought of Liang Jizhang’s note to his son, especially those underlined words. I feel unspeakably sad as young people today fail to understand that the only people who truly and unselfishly love them are their parents, who not only give their lives, raised them up, but also have sacrificed so much time and resources for their happiness. It is sad that these young people forget their parents when they get their first paycheck.

The Chinese saying “A man forgets his mother after he gets a wife” should change to “A man forgets his mother after he gets a girlfriend.”

For a long time, I cannot get over the sad feeling over it. I share with my children how I feel about this incident.

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