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1, Oct 11, 2012

The South Korean rapper Psy’s “Gangnam style”

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The South Korean rapper Psy repeatedly sings the words — “Gangnam Style.” His totally meaningless catchy tune even makes it to the top of the UK singles chart. Can you believe this! His famous horse-riding dance makes a global video phenomenon. I hear this Gangnam style tune in my house everyday, of course played by my daughter, much as I am against her following the crowd.

When this rapper is determined to make a total buffoon of himself in front of the whole world, I see equally ridiculous and seemingly unexplained thing happen. That is, his simplistic catchy tune can gather global momentum and even attract some celebrities to jump in the horse dance and even have the guts to show their vulgar taste on TV.

I have no doubt psychologists and sociologists will have a lot to say when they try to explain this gigantic simple stupidity spreading across the globe. For now, I think there must be something very primitive in human minds, when unguarded, that tends to follow any brainless catchy thing, even if there is zero meaning attached. Sometime, it is easier to gather forces when there is no meaning than there is. Maybe that’s how demagogue works. What can you say about this? Beat me.

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