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1, Oct 28, 2012

The effort to keep spirits up with the change of the season

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I cannot say I have not noticed that the days get shorter and the nights longer and the year is coming to the end. I noticed it when fall semester started, when I had to take a flash light during my morning walk, when I had to put on an extra layer of clothes.

The change of the season always reminds me of a poem on carousel, with words like round and round, ups and downs. When I was in college, long long ago, I understood that the poem refers to the change of the season, the year goes round and round with spring after winter, summer following spring, next being fall, the winter once again.

But for some reason, the poem always gives me a sad feeling. Perhaps I had sensed that seasons come and go, then back again, but not human life, not the youthful years when we were healthy and strong. Once the springtime of a human life is gone, it will never come back like natural season and we eventually advance to the winter phase of our lives which only leads to the end of all. Perhaps this association has made me sad.

This year I kept telling myself I should feel good if I can make each day a productive one, if I have not wasted each of the days in my life. That’s how I ward off the sad feelings associated with seasons.

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