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1, Oct 3, 2012

Mitt Romney’s last chance to turn things around tonight

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The first presidential debate is going to take place tonight. This should be the most important moment for Mitt Romney. It must be a bit depressing for him and his supporters to watch the daily polls showing President Obama climbing up while his own slips away.

To be totally fair to him, Mitt Romney himself is a very competent man, kind in his heart, a loving and responsible husband, and a very successful business man. Yet, he has given up so much of his true self in order to win his party’s base support.

He seems a lost soul in his desperate attempt at grabbing their support, swinging from pro-choice, pro-healthcare, pro many good things in people’s life to their opposites.

Too bad he chains himself to a lost cause, a  party that is on its way to history book, and he has to fight a losing battle on their behalf. Republican party will have to change itself in the next two to three decades in order to survive the new world order. I truly feel sorry for Mitt Romney.

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