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1, Oct 21, 2012

Graduation present to my friend, good old Confucius’ teaching

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This is my attempt at translating Confucius teaching posted yesterday.

Confucius says “Isn’t it a great joy when you study and review what you study? Isn’t it a great joy when friends from afar come to see you? Am I not a gentleman when I don’t feel offended when others don’t understand me?”

Students should fulfill filial duty at home, exercise fraternal love outside home, be sincere and trustworthy, exercise benevolent love to all. Keep doing so and keep learning.

Zeng Zi said, “I do self-reflections three times a day: am I honest in dealing (or doing business) with people? Am I trustworthy among friends? Have I reviewed the teachings passed to me by my master?

Zi Gong asked Confucius, “When in poverty, I don’t behave servilely. When I am rich, I don’t behave arrogantly. How about this?” Confucius said, “That is good, but it is not as good as remaining cheerful in poverty and noble in wealth.”

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