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1, Oct 4, 2012

Good news cheer people up

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During the week of 9/24, with many cloudy days and uncertainty coming from one hiring manager, I felt rather low-spirited, eager for some good news to cheer me up.

I learned one young relative of ours just changed his job and doubled his salary in China, which is not enough to change my spirit. They talked about how beautiful girls would be chasing him because of his fat paycheck, etc. I feel so selfish when I should have felt happy for him. Not really.

On Wednesday, my daughter told me she had some good news. She had a test that day. She did not know the result yet, but her teacher told her she made it to the team. That is, her grade is good enough for the competition team.

Upon hearing this, I feel a lot better now. In fact, the news did lift me up for the day.

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