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1, Oct 19, 2012

Full of remorse and regret, A friend’s memory of his mother

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On 10/12/2012, a friend of mine sent me a blog that he wrote to mark third anniversary of his mother’s departure. Below is what I sent to this friend of mine. Guilin is his wife.

I shared his writing with my children. “I got the message, mom.” I was thus told. I also sent the link to my sister’s son in Houston, Texas.

After reading this, I was struck not only by the sad remorse the writer expressed but also by the greatness of a motherly love his mother had shown to her son all the time. That love had remained unchanged, no matter how immature the son was. This is the same message that I mentioned here on 10/10 posting on Liang Jizhang’s letter to his son.

Many people fail to understand and appreciate this unselfish, unremitting and unconditional love that their parents have shone on them until late in their life or until it is too late. By the way, I feel a huge comfort when both of my children have understood now.

I like the response from another friend,

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