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1, Oct 8, 2012

Facebook, friends, connection with the strangers

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Toward the end of September, to celebrate my birthday and to add some fun to my life, I made friends with three of my former and current colleagues via facebook, three of them in all.

When I posted the picture of my article on KCStar on 9/29, my daughter thought it useless, “How many friends do you, mom? Let’s see, two?” She meant her brother and her.

I said, “Actually, I have 8 now.” Lol… I know 8 is not a big number when some people have over 900.  If I reached out more, including readers of my midwest columns, I could make a larger connection.

I didn’t do it. Neither have I let people know my blog here. There seems some irony here when I befriend people via facebook but actually excluded many of my true friends in my facebook circle. When I think of it, it is actually no surprise, considering my introvert tendency. I would like to keep a public face and also a safe distance, meanwhile reserving a spot where I can remain anonymous and be my true self.

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