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1, Oct 6, 2012

Dysthymia, low-level depression, and how to deal with it

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I love all these profession-sounding forbidden words, especially from Harvard Medical School, another intimidating one.

Dysthymia refers to “a long-term drone of low-grade depression that lasts for at least two years in adults or one year in children and teens.” It is not as dark as the real depression but too far away from bright color of cheerfulness.

Yet, because of its prolonged tormenting effect, it could keep you from feeling good about everything and keep you from being healthy and productive. You tend to go about your daily life without enthusiasm.

You are suffering from dysthymia if you feel your depressed mood having lingered for more than two months at a time, and you have at least two of these symptoms:

–>overeating or loss of appetite
–>insomnia or sleeping too much
–>tiredness or lack of energy
–>low self-esteem
–>trouble concentrating or making decisions
–>feelings of hopelessness

Of course, with America’s super-trust of authority, Harvard Medical School suggests that you “talk with your doctor. He or she may recommend that you see a mental health professional for the most effective approach.”

I would suggest you read comic books or do something that once brings you joy and excitement or mix with some friends or seek some social gatherings of your kind or set a new goal and get yourself busy or do something good for a change like volunteer among children. Do these activities not once in a while but constantly. In fact, fill your life with anything cheerful and positive for at least a month to see the result.

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