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1, Oct 23, 2012

College admission process, part II

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It is so easy to become cynical about community service and other extracurricular activities. In that, people see the volunteer work as not really being voluntary, as doing it only for the purpose of getting into, going through the motions without real interests, of course no passion involved.

I have to say it takes certain level of maturity to adopt a positive attitude toward what you are doing. The bottom line is to be able to answer the question: what you want to do with your life and what kind of person you want to become.

First, a mature and responsible person would try to squeeze more value out of the time he/she throws in for the large schema that she has for her life. Whatever she gets involved in, gets 200 percent involved  instead of marginally involved.

Second, do what you are interested in and do it creatively. If say, you like to eat certain foods, try to create your own version of that food or think of a way to benefit others who might share your like.

Third, other than hitting books, you absolutely need to do something to enhance your ability, to explore and expand. These activities increase not only your  marketability but also your chance of being admitted. If you don’t start doing this in high school, you will have to make it up in  college. I have learned a couple of cases where students fail to make a living  upon graduation from top schools.

Finally, be a real good person, kind and unselfish. I bet that’s what you really are now. Don’t be afraid to show how good you are because that’s what everybody likes.


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