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1, Oct 15, 2012

Character and personality assessment, part I

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On 10/6/2012, Saturday morning when my daughter went to take another SAT subject test at SME, a friend of mine came over asking us to help him fill an application for a HyVee job. After online submission, we were led to an assessment page. As I went through these questions, I realized they were to assess the personality and character of the applicants. It is very interesting. I am going to post them here today, tomorrow, and day after that.  You are supposed to choose one out of three possible answers.

1. I prefer work that allows me some mobility to that which requires that I remain in one place most of the day. Agree/In between/Disagree

2. It is more important to follow the laws and values of our society than it is to satisfy personal wants and needs.  A/I/D

3. It is fair to say that I am:  (1) quiet and reserved (2) in between (3) friendly and outgoing

4. When under stress at work, I (1) react to pressure only when it is intense (2) in between (3) tend to get irritated once in a while

5. Promises are made to be kept and nothing should interfere with making certain that they are carried out. A/I/D

6. When I apply myself to tasks, I (1) achieve by creative spontaneous bursts (2) in between (3) have self discipline and control

7. When working on a task, I find that I: (1) need to take periodic breaks to maintain ny concentration (2) in between (3) can fully apply myself for extended periods without interruption

8. In waiting rooms, such as the airport or doctor’s office, I find myself striking up a conversation with strangers. (1) almost never (2) sometimes (3) quite frequently

9. Any project worth doing is worth doing exactly right. A/I/D

10. My work habits are such that: (1) creative thought and action do not require order or planning (2) in between (3) my work space must be kept neat and tidy

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