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1, Oct 18, 2012

Character and personality assessment, part IV

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Continued from yesterday’s assessment. They reveal so much of a person if he can answer truthfully. Don’t you find it interesting!

31. If somebody is really disagreeing with me in a discussion: (1) that is okay, because people will not respect you if you readily give in (2) in between  (3) I will sometimes give in just to avoid the unpleasantness that goes with confrontation

32. When something is very important and others don’t understand the significance of it, I: (1) get a little irritated  (2) in between (3) am not bothered

33. In discussions with friends about controversial issues, I try to: (1) keep the discussions calm and orderly (2) in between (3) let people know for certain where I stand

34. For the most part I am not happy with my level of performance at anything I do and am striving to perfect myself in all areas.  Agree/In between/Disagree

35. When someone asks me a direct question on an uncomfortable subject: (1) I tend to be vague and indirect (2) uncertain (3) I give a direct answer

36. I tend to lose my temper from time to time but I get over it easily. (1) I don’t flare up  (2) in between (3) agree

37. In regard to arguments: (1) there is nothing better than a good, forceful discussion (2) in between (3) I don’t like them and even when not involved I may try to change the subject

38. When people try to make me do something I disagree with, I:  (1) tend to get a little upset  (2) in between  (3) know that everyone has to do some things they disagree with and it does not bother me

39. It is better to stay out of battles you know you can’t win than to pitch in and lose even for a good cause.  A/I/D

40. If a task I am working on becomes especially difficult or time-consuming, I tend to become frustrated after a while. A/I/D

41. If I am in a theater or movie and some people sitting near me are talking and spoiling my enjoyment, I would typically: (1) get up and move to another place (2) say nothing but glare at them (3) tell them to be quiet

42. Some people talk and think so slowly that I find myself suggesting words for them or finishing their sentences. A/I/D

43. The idea of going into a cave, like Carlsbad Caverns or Mammoth Cave, I find: (1) nothing to worry about (2) uncertain (3) makes me a little uneasy

44. It is true to say of me: (1) the ability to take occasional diversions and breaks is important in order to plunge back into work with renewed vigor (2) in between (3)  the ability to say no to myself is an important part of any long-term success

45. When I get a bill in the mail that I know has been paid, I: (1) call or write and set it straight (2) uncertain (3) let it go, knowing that they will catch their error


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