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1, Oct 17, 2012

Character and personality assessment, part III

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Continued from yesterday’s assessment.

21. In regard to showing my affection to my family and relatives, I: (1) enjoy hugging and am demonstrative  (2) in between (3) am quite reserved

22. If given the chance to compete in a contest against my close friends, I would: (1)  relish the opportunity (2) uncertain (3) prefer to enjoy the company of my friends in a more relaxed atmosphere

23. On occasion, I need to unleash built-up energy. Agree/In between/Disagree

24. One of the problems of our time is that people do not pay enough attention to the tried and established rules and values of our society. A/I/D

25. I prefer to have a few intimate friends to many friends whom I could get to know less well.  A/I/D

26. When those close to me forget anniversaries, birthdays, and other special dates, I: (1) find that it does not bother me (2) in between (3) find that it annoys me a little bit

27. There are occasions when I have to insist that those about me be quiet so that I can get some work done. A/I/D

28. When faced with a bureaucratic organization, I tend to: (1) try to see what rules can be gotten around  (2) in between  (3) follow rules as closely as possible

29. When I am in a social group and feel that I am being ignored, I will do something to call attention to myself. A/I/D

30. When somebody criticizes me: (1) it makes me uncomfortable (2) in between  (3) it has little or no effect

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