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1, Oct 16, 2012

Character and personality assessment, part II

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Continued from yesterday’s assessment.

11. I enjoy joining organizations and activities where I get to know new and different people and have done so.  Agree/In between/Disagree

12. It would be fair to say that I am: (1) a fairly excitable person (2) in between (3) pretty calm and relaxed

13. One must always keep to a bargain even when it works out very badly for you.  A/I/D

14. Considering my social position, I: (1) entertain and visit with people more often than most others at the same level (2) in between (3) get together with others socially less often than most others at my level

15. When you have people working for you it is: (1) best to maintain a distance to keep from getting too involved  (2) in between (3) important to make them feel friendly toward you

16. Compared to people I work with, I find that I need to move about more. A/I/D

17. In regard to deadlines I have to meet: (1) I meet them as required and don’t like myself very much if I do not  (2) in between  (3) people don`t expect all deadlines to be met and it is okay if some things are a little late

18. When I am going somewhere on a bus or plane, I prefer to: (1) sit and talk with someone (2) in between (3) sit alone

19. It is fair to say that I: (1) sometimes enjoy an emergency or task where I must work against time  (2) in between  (3) need occasional diversions to relieve the stress of my work

20. I admire a guy who can gain the advantage, even if it means deviating from the rules. A/I/D

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