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1, Oct 7, 2012

Birthday, colleague, keeping good working relationship

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This is one of those boring moments for my children. I write it down in order to forget it.

During August 2011, there were three of us in our office, K, F, and me. Someone from another office told K that F’s birthday was on 8/12, meaning we should consider sending her something on that date.

K shared the news with me, asking me if I wanted to pinch in. Of course, I couldn’t say no, ending up throwing in $10. After F got the present from both of us, she asked our birthdays and on our special day, around September for both of us, she gave us something in return. All happy.

I marked their birthdays on my calendar. This year I gave F a birthday card and a gift on 8/10, since her birthday falls on Sunday. K moved to the next door building this year. When she came over a few days later and saw the birthday card that I gave to F, she asked F, “Why don’t you tell me?” as if she cares.

Did she really expect people to tell her their birthday and to make sure that she buys something for them on that day? This is an undisguised hint asking for a gift. We all mark down important dates or anything we care to remember. I remember one lady said it was easy to remember my birthday as it was the same day as her son’s wedding date. Still she forgot it every year while she was my colleague. Interesting.

Of course, both K and F forgot my b-day because they have not done what I have done — mark it on my calendar. Do I regret having remembered their birthdays and given them presents? No. Most likely I will do the same next year, if I am still their colleague. Not because I care about them but because I care a good working relationship.

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