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1, Sep 12, 2012

Work is an honor, laziness is the real shame

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When I was at DMR back in 1998 and ’99, I worked with a lady whom, for some reason, I cannot forget. She tried to play the role of manager, even though she was not. She used to work for KCPL. I remember she was panting heavily when we walked fast.

At that time we lived at Corinth apartment. Once, on the way to a Sprint building on Ward Parkway, while chatting randomly, I mentioned that I washed my undergarments by hand. I forgot what brought up this topic but I do remember vividly the shock on her face.

“You wash your clothes by hand!?” she exclaimed. “Yes, we live in an apartment and use public laundry facility. You never know who used it prior to you and what they put in that washer.” I explained.

“Oh my! We never wash anything by hand. We have laundry washer, dish washer, and all kinds of this stuff.” she said proudly, though not without contempt. Indeed, her hands were well-preserved, like those of a baby’s.

I didn’t know what to say at that time and I even forgot how I felt then. Now, when I mention this to my daughter, I want her to understand that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Work is an honor. Laziness is the real shame.

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