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1, Sep 11, 2012

When my daughter went to a friend’s birthday party on 8/24

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On 8/24, a Friday evening, my daughter went to a friend’s birthday party. I had my laptop back the whole evening.

By the way, her Mac laptop was broken since her summer program trip to CM. I postponed buying a new one for her because she would ask for a new one for her college. Not again.

While waiting for her late in the evening, I wrote seven blogs in one sitting. I know I can surprise myself by this unpaid high productivity. By about 11 PM, my daughter called letting me know that the party was not over and she would call me when she needed me to pick her up.

So, here I am, one hour after midnight, burning night oil again, like I often did in my younger years. Luckily I did not have to get up early the next morning.

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