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1, Sep 4, 2012

We know where to live…

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On 7/29, a hot Sunday, I read this one “10 Worst States for Women’s Health” written by Anne Harding, out on 7/26/2012. Here are some interesting facts about women, health, location, and their implications. One step further for research: check the state’s education level.

The 10 worst states for women’s health include —
(1) Mississippi for its obesity, smoking, inactivity, and chronic illness.

(2) Arkansas for its high rates of obesity, smoking, sedentary living, heart disease, and diabetes.

(3) Idaho ranked last in the percentage of women over 49 who had a mammogram in the past two years (68%).

(4) Kentucky for having declined life expectancy between 1987 and 2007 for women.

(5) Louisiana as second-worst, after Mississippi, on its 2010 women’s health report card. .. rates of sedentary living, obesity, unhealthy eating, and smoking are high.

(6) Tennessee — women’s life expectancy declined from 1987 to 2007. Tennessee women also have the nation’s highest stroke death rate, and the third-highest breast cancer death rate.

(7) Oklahoma — only one place in the U.S. showed a state-level decline in women’s life expectancy between 1987 and 2007.

(8) Texas ranked dead last in the percentage of women receiving first-trimester prenatal care in 2006, and the percentage of women with health insurance (31% had no coverage in 2008-2009. Women in TX had the third-highest rate of chlamydia infections.

(9) West Virginia –in 2010, 36.8% of women living in West Virginia got no leisure-time physical activity at all, up from 31.3% in 2007. Obesity rates increased to 32.6% during the same time.

(10) Wyoming, female workers made about 64 cents per dollar made by men in the same job—the largest wage gap in the U.S.

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