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1, Sep 3, 2012

Their third anniversary together

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Today is the third anniversary for my son and his girlfriend. I guess they started dating on 9/3 three years ago. My son delayed coming back because he wants to mark the day with his girlfriend.

It is indeed something to celebrate when you consider the fact that both of them were really young at that time, one being 19, the other 20, and they have moved from college to New York. After three years, they are still together! Sounds amazing.

I once wrote to my son “open communication and understanding are the key to a good relationship.”

Neither of them know if they can be in the same place next year as both plan on making some career change within the year. One might go to graduate school; the other might move out of the area. Indeed, there is no urgent need for any long term plan as both plan on change and that means so many uncertainties. Still, I wish them happy when they are together.

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