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1, Sep 18, 2012

Take off extra weight before chronic disease develops

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On 8/29, I read an article “Secret to Active 80s? Fitness-Heavy 40s” by Drs. SHARI BARNETT and SWATI SHROFF. It reports the result of a study on being fit at 40 and the quality of life at 80.

“This new study observed men and women older than 65 and enrolled in Medicare, and found that those with higher midlife fitness levels had fewer chronic diseases decades later in life.”

“In general, we saw if you increased your fitness by 20 percent, you would decrease your disease burden by 20 percent.” “The benefit of fitness persists to the end of life,” Berry said.

Higher midlife fitness also appeared to delay the development of the chronic diseases; those with a higher level of midlife fitness spent a greater proportion of their final five years of life with a lower burden of chronic disease, suggesting an improvement in not only quantity, but quality of life.

“The best time to take off extra weight is before chronic disease develops.”

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