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1, Sep 20, 2012

Tai-chi, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation

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Progressive muscle relaxation. I learned of this concept during one of the health webnar offered at office. This is like tai-chi and yoga but more flexible than both of them. Sit in a comfortable chair, as comfortable as possible, with loose clothes, and no leg crossings.

1) Take a deep breath; let it out slowly.
2) Alternately tense and relax specific groups of muscles.
3) After tension, a muscle will be more relaxed than prior to the  tensing.
4) Concentrate on the feel of the muscles, specifically the contrast  between tension and relaxation. Recognizing tension in any specific muscle helps reduce that tension.
5) Don’t tense muscles other than the specific group at each step.
6) Don’t hold your breath, grit your teeth, or squint!
7) Breath slowly and evenly and think only about the tension-relaxation contrast.
8) Each tensing is for 10 seconds; each relaxing is for 10 or 15 seconds.
9) Count “1,000 2,000…” until you have a feel for the time span.
10) Each step is really two steps–one cycle of tension-relaxation  for each set of opposing muscles.
11) Do the entire sequence once a day if you can, until you feel you are able to control your muscle tensions.
12) Be careful: consult your doctor first, if you have problems with pulled muscles, broken bones, or any medical contraindication for physical activities.

The entire sequence from hands to toes
1. Hands
2. Biceps and triceps
3. Shoulders
4. Neck (lateral)
5. Neck (forward)
6. Mouth
7. Tongue (extended and retracted)
8. Tongue (roof and floor)
9. Eyes
10. Breathing
11. Back
12. Butt
13. Thighs
14. Stomach
15. Calves and feet.
16. Toes

To be continued…

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