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1, Sep 22, 2012

Tai-chi, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, part III

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11. Back. With shoulders resting on the back of the chair, push your  body forward so that your back is arched; relax. Be very careful with  this one, or don’t do it at all.

12. Butt. Tense the butt tightly and raise pelvis slightly off chair;  relax. Dig buttocks into chair; relax.

13. Thighs. Extend legs and raise them about 6″ off the floor or the  foot rest–but don’t tense the stomach’ relax. Dig your feet (heels)  into the floor or foot rest; relax.

14. Stomach. Pull in the stomach as far as possible; relax completely. Push out the stomach or tense it as if you were preparing  for a punch in the gut; relax.

15. Calves and feet. Point the toes (without raising the legs);  relax. Point the feet up as far as possible (beware of cramps-if you  get them or feel them coming on, shake them loose); relax.

16. Toes. With legs relaxed, dig your toes into the floor; relax.  Bend the toes up as far as possible; relax. Now just relax for a  while. As your days of practice progress, you may wish to skip the  steps that do not appear to be a problem for you.

As you’ve become proficient on your tension areas (after a few weeks), you can concern yourself only with those. These exercises will not eliminate  tension, but when it arises, you will know it immediately, and you  will be able to “tense-relax” it away or even simply wish it away.

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