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1, Sep 21, 2012

Tai-chi, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, part II

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1. Hands.  Tense the fists, then relaxed. Fingers extended, then relaxed.

2. Biceps and triceps. The biceps are tensed (make a muscle–but  shake your hands to make sure not tensing them into a fist); relaxed  (drop your arm to the chair–really drop them). The triceps are  tensed (try to bend your arms the wrong way); relaxed (drop them).

3. Shoulders. Pull them back (careful with this one); relax them.  Push the shoulders forward (hunch); relax.

4. Neck (lateral). With the shoulders straight and relaxed, the head  is turned slowly to the right, as far as you can; relax. Turn to the  left; relax.

5. Neck (forward). Dig your chin into your chest; relax. (bringing  the head back is not recommended–you could break your neck).

6. Mouth. The mouth is opened as far as possible; relaxed. The lips  are brought together or pursed as tightly as possible; relaxed.

7. Tongue (extended and retracted). With mouth open, extend the  tongue as far as possible; relax (let it sit in the bottom of your  mouth). Bring it back in your throat as far as possible; relax.

8. Tongue (roof and floor). Dig your tongue into the roof of your  mouth; relax. Dig it into the bottom of your mouth; relax.

9. Eyes. Open them as wide as possible (furrow your brow); relax.  Close your eyes tightly (squint); relax. Make sure you completely  relax the eyes, forehead, and nose after each of the tensings–this  is actually a toughy.

10. Breathing. Take as deep a breath as possible–and then take a  little more; let it out and breathe normally for 15 seconds. Let all  the breath in your lungs out–and then a little more; inhale and  breathe normally for 15 seconds.

To be continued…

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