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1, Sep 17, 2012

Security and stability do not sit well with me

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On 8/29, a monitor from Dallas said she would see me this time next year since our patient is in long term yearly follow up. I was thinking to myself “Oh mine, I would go crazy if I were still here by then.”

From my own experience and from what I heard at clinic level, it is getting somehow rather difficult for people to make internal transfer after the merger.

When I mentioned about my intention to move back to the IT field away from the clinic, I was asked if I would get paid more. “Not sure,” I said. “What’s the point of changing your job if you don’t get pay increase?”

I cannot even begin to mention this topic. This all ties back to the purpose of a job, which, to me, is much more than paychecks. I would move if I see no room for growth or individual development or no challenge at all. Of course, I would not accept a cut just for that extra challenge. For some reason, security and stability do not sit well with me.

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