My son went back to New York yesterday

By now, going to the airport has become a familiar experience for me. This month we went to the airport on 9/5 to get my son home, then again drove there on 9/9 to send him back to New York.

There are always a trip to get him back home and a trip to send him away. On the way back home with my son in the car, we are always excited, endless talking and laughing. I am trying to find changes in him. I am always amazed at his level of maturity and depth of thinking. We are always so happy to see him back.

On the way to the airport sending him back, we are often quiet. I feel like everyone is too sad to talk. I do not wish for the day when he will not go away any more. That’s too unrealistic. I only wish he can get back safely and he is doing well, no matter where he is.

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