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1, Sep 28, 2012

My good old Chinese language

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On 9/14, Friday evening, a friend of mine called from China, asking me to help her with some translation. That I gladly did.

However, in the process of doing it, I found myself labor through the Chinese version, trying to figure out what it actually means, so that I can put the meaning in English.

I found myself grasping for meaning more so when I read Chinese than reading English. I guess it is because I have been exposed to English language much more than to Chinese. Shame on me.

I thought of an old friend of mine who asked me many times why I didn’t write in Chinese and it would be a pity if I did not write in Chinese, as if I could still write well.

I remember writing da-zi-bao or some kind of bao for the class when I was in high school. For some reason, I was often picked out doing that type of writing task. In fact that seems the only thing that I was asked to do. It must have come easy for me as I don’t remember ever rebelling against it.

Why I don’t use Chinese as much as I did before. I think I need to trace back to the time when my son went to first grade, when I decided not to fight with him over his Chinese lesson, when I found it necessary to write in English so that my children can understand, when I found it helpful with their English essays, and when I have read and written so much English that my Chinese began to give away.

Hopefully, my excuse can hold water and can excuse myself of the real cause, if there is.

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