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1, Sep 29, 2012

Listening to Public Radio in Waco, Texas in 1984

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I liked listening to NPR National Public Radio and that was in 1984 when I first came to the States. At that time my English, especially listening ability, was far from being adequate. I would ask people to repeat at least once before I got it.

At first I got a small black and white TV, not a new one, trying to expose myself to more English. Later, since I spent so much time away from my apartment, either in school or in library, I spent $20 getting a Radio Shack radio. A very solid one. I still have it now. I would plug in for news and other programs of NPR whenever I got a chance. I wasn’t able to follow the news at first but I did get better as years went by.

Of course, I also listened to music and songs like “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” and a better one “We Are the World” and country music “I Was Country¬†When Country Wasn’t Cool.” I can still sing some of the songs that I learned back then.

To this date, public radio still keeps my company when I walk in the morning or when I am cooking at home. Thanks, public radio, a great service!

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