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1, Sep 15, 2012

Inaction and procrastination are at work everyday

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On a normal no monitor day, I would start the day reading online, current events, news on politics, health, technology, or anything that catches my fancy that day. If I find something that I like to read more or write about later, I would save it on a notepad for further work. Most likely I will forget all about them and never touch these files again. This reminds me of the practice of drinking tea over newspaper at many Chinese offices.

All the time I know there are books that I need to read and work that cries for my attention, though not urgently. Still, I postpone doing everything just for this online reading.

Such random browsing lasts about one to two hours or even longer. I think sometimes inaction and procrastination are at work, especially when I push back some work which I shouldn’t have.

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