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1, Sep 30, 2012

“Failure to thrive” and my college classmate

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During the weekend of 9/15, I heard the term “failure to thrive” over the radio. It reminded me of the first time when I learned of this term. That was from a college classmate of mine.

That’s what the doctor told my classmate about his infant son, well, during the baby’s first year of life, because of the baby’s mother’s negligence. Years later, I saw the boy’s picture, a very cute one only too little for his age.

When my son was about 10 months old, we went to New York and met this classmate who liked my son very much and commented “He is too good for you” I know he meant it to be a compliment, or a strange way of complimenting.

For some reason, I feel sorry for his boy, a miniature in my memory.  All because the mother was having her fun and neglected her maternal duty.

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