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1, Sep 16, 2012

Exercise, nutrition, injury prevention

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On 8/29, I attended a webnar offered at office on exercise, nutrition and injury prevention. Here are the notes from it.

(1) Proper footwears can help reduce:
–back pain
–knee pain
–hip pain
–achilles tendonitis
–shin splints (leg pain)
–injured toes
–damaged toenails
–painful blisters

(2) Tips for buying shoes
–identify your foot shape
–shop toward the end of the day (when your feet are biggest)
–bring your workout socks
–don’t count on “breaking in” If it’s not comfortable at the store, it’s not going to get comfortable as you wear it more.
–buy bigger
–replace often
–stride analysis

(3) Proper clothing
–proper fitting
–layers, outside exercise in winter
–not rubbing your skin

(4) General outdoor safety
–traffic rules
–limit distractions
–safety in numbers, for women
–daylight if possible, for women, never venture out in dark alone
–always bring your phone/ID
–watch for critters and dogs
–change your route every once a while and avoid being watched and followed by predators

(5) Bicycle safety
–Helmets (size, secure, level)
–Bike fit (size, height, and seat)

(6) Injury Prevention
–Warm up–5 to 10 minutes cardio
–Proper technique–muscle engagement; balance muscle groups
–Increase gradually
–Vary your routine

(7) Listening to your body
–Normal pain– dull, achy, general soreness over large area
–Abnormal pain–sharp and specific, indicatinb more serious injury
–Don’t push yourself too much Common injuries
–sprains and strains
–achillies tendionitis
–shin splints
–back pain
–knee pain
–tennis elbow
–rotator cuff

(8) Proper nutrition
–Fats, not too much of it
–Quality– protein, carbs, and fat

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