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1, Sep 24, 2012

Don’t play with life-threatening disease

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When I read Time magazine, Sept 7, 2012 issue, an article about Tig Notaro who has cancer in both breasts, I felt like writing something about this.

The 41-year-old Tig Notaro first noticed a lump in her breast a year ago but did not seek medical attention until this July when she got her first mammogram.

“The doctor came in and her tone was very scary,” she said. “She said ‘OK, so, we have found something in both breasts.’… I was stunned… After all the explanation I said, ‘Wait a minute, are you telling me that I possibly have cancer?’ and she said, ‘Well, we have to get biopsies done but from what I can see with all the testing we’ve done today it is very probable that you do in both breasts, yes.’” Notaro added, “I am not saying that I have cancer. I am saying I got not-great news yesterday.”

The delay is a very costly mistake. There are quite a few breast cancer patients at our clinic who are in their 30s. In fact we see more young cancer patients now than before. I wish Tig Notaro knew that her chance of survival decreased as she delayed taking care of the fatal lumps in her breasts.

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