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1, Sep 7, 2012

My neighbor expects me to move back to China

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Life is never bored with diversities like America. On the morning of 8/24, one of my neighbors joined me on my daily early morning walk. While talking about her children and grandchildren, she asked about mine. Next she asked me when I would move back to China.

I told her I didn’t know yet, even though I was puzzled by her question. She further asked if I ever wanted to move back to China. I told her if I could get a job and have medical insurance in China, I might consider moving.

I told her healthcare was the largest expense for seniors. If I stay here, I can at least benefit from Medicare. She told me Medicare would not be enough, etc. That is, don’t expect to stay here and get this benefit. How straightforward is this!

By the end of that day, I was still wondering why she expected me to move back to China. I am still as puzzled as a first-grader holding a James Joyce’s fiction. One thing I know about her, she is a republican. That helps, doesn’t it?

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