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1, Sep 8, 2012

A good night sleep is better than any health maintenance supplements

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On 8/24, when I talked to my mother over the Skype, she told me this. Knowing I often burned midnight oil, she said “Without adequate sleep, it is useless to take those health supplements like fish oil and calcium. Very often when you don’t feel well, a good rest will help you get better. It is the best medicine when you are tired.”

Do I believe that? Of course. Actually I have already experienced the benefit of a good sleep now. When the children were little and when I had a lot on my plate, the only way to get things done was to cut short my sleep time.

At that time I seldom went to bed before 12 midnight. In fact, I often worked till 2 or 3 in the morning. During daytime, my eyes were wet all the time from constant yawning.

That’s how I worked and got my degree when my son was little and how I learned Oracle when my daughter was two years old. That’s how I worried my head off through my children’s school years. Well, blame my worrisome nature.

I think I have shortchanged my body during those years. I hope I don’t have to pay for it now. Of course, my biggest hope is my children will have a lot easier time than I once did.

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