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1, Sep 23, 2012

A childhood neighbor reminds me of the good old days

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During labor day weekend, while chatting with my sister over the Skype, she mentioned a neighbor of ours during our childhood.

He was a few years younger than I am, but passed away a years ago of liver cancer. The talk about him reminded me of my childhood days, pre-teen years to be exact.

I don’t remember anything other than play during these years and how upset I was when I was called in to do household chores.

That boy always followed me around, asking me to make this or that toys for him. As we didn’t have the money to buy toys, in fact I don’t remember ever possessing any toys from the store.

I told that boy to keep an eye on this or that materials with which I could make some toys for him. I made slingshots using the hard wire that he picked somewhere. I carved a small boat with a rudder and watched it flow in our bathtub. We exchanged the homemade toys with other kids for marbles that we could not make.

I seemed to be busy all the time, catching dragonflies and other insects, making toys,  doing anything but study.

In my memory of those days, the sky seemed specially blue and bright. The sun was always cheerful. And when my parents were not at home and when I was outside, I was always as carefree as a lark.

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