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1, Aug 8, 2012

The superior customer service in Hong Kong

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This is what I observed on my way back to China on 6/1. It’s been more than two months since then. I even forgot if I have written on the impression of Hong Kong.

I made two transfers on my way to Beijing, one in Chicago, one in Hong Kong. That was the first time for me to visit Hong Kong, not really a visit, just one-hour stay, enough to impress me.

As soon as I emerged from the UA plane, I saw a few signs, each direting to a destination. I quickly spotted the one to Beijing and sure enough there I even saw my name on the sign.

When I asked the man holding the sign for the direction to the gate of my next flight, he told me where to go and said “Hurry, you only have one hour and you need to get boarding pass, go through security.” His tone and expression conveyed a sense of real urgency.

Wherever I went, people worked at a super fast speed so that I rushed through everything in 20 minutes. I rated Hong Kong airport as number one in customer service. In comparison, people I met at Chicago seem to carry an cant-care-less attitude, as if they were telling me “It’s your fault if you are late.”

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