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1, Aug 7, 2012

The influence of a mother on her daughter

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One of my co-workers has two granddaughters at about the same time, one from her daughter, the other from her daughter-in-law. As I watched the development of the two girls, I was amazed to see them going into different path because of different mothering.

While her daughter’s girl grows very much like her daughter who is very similar to her mother, my co-worker, her daughter-in-law’s girl grows like her mother, the daughter-in-law who is a teacher and a book-lover.

Even at this young age, I can pretty much predict that these two-year-olds will grow up more or less like their respective mother, one going to be home-centered, playing to the full the role of wife and mother, the other going to be more professional in addition to her role at home.

Talk about the power and influence of a mother in a person’s life!

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